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Immersion Language Programs

Are you ready to join the Global family? Do you want to prepare for the Jobs, Culture and Adventure of Tomorrow? Finding us, you have just taken your first step towards broadening your horizons! Bilingual Programs Worldwide promotes five Total Immersion Languages courses, taught around the world in ten different countries. All of them are held by well-established institutes, situated in beautiful and historically significant locations and staffed by talented and highly qualified teachers. We want to offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a Latin American or European Culture and learn a new language the fastest, most efficient and most enjoyable way your mind can absorb new information. Imagine your next adventure!


Bask in the sun at the golden beaches of Mexico
Learn the Flamenco in Spain
You can volunteer in projects for conservation of the Rainforest in Ecuador
Taste the exotic cuisine and wines of Chile
Take Dancing classes in Costa Rica
Hike the heights of Machu Picchu in Peru

Or may be you would rather
Fall in love in France
Soak up the Ancient vibes of Rome
Partake of Oktoberfest in Germany
Find a job and learn English  in Canada

Bilingual Programs is one of the most experienced and most trusted agencies for multilingual education in the world. In our experience we have found that there is simply no easier and faster way to learn a second language than a total immersion in a native speaking culture and environment. For this reason we provide our clients with full support as we work together to match each individual  student with the best suited Language Immersion Program in accordance to their individual needs and desires. We have 14 different Language Immersion Study Abroad Programs for you to choose from. Our Schools  are staffed with the best professionals in Immersion Language Teaching.

As we know even the most qualified and competent individuals stand no chance in the world job market if they are unable  to communicate their ideas clearly and eloquently.  If you are considering a bilingual education you owe it to yourself to check our leading Immersion Language Schools. A multilingual acquisition will transform you into a valuable professional in high demand in all public and private spheres of life. We can help you learn a second language in a very natural and enjoyable way – through total language immersion in a variety of  cultures all over the world. Choose your destiny! Grab life by the horns!

Bilingual Programs Worldwide, 7780 49th St N, suite 204, Pinellas Park, FL 33781 USA,
+1 727 776 6780, info@bilingualprograms.com, skype: vesselalytle


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